domingo, março 16, 2008

Thoughts ...

"All of these changes are leading us to an inevitable conclusion, a place we must go, if we can - a place that promises peace and prosperity within a sustainable future."

"If we are to survive as a life form on the planet, at more or less the scale of our present occupation, there is no other way. Collectively, we must come to the realization that there is no exterior to our ecology. There is only one environment and everything is entered on the balance sheet. Every positive. Every negative. Everything counts. There can only be true prosperity if it is global prosperity, and we can only count our wealth in peace when we count it together."

"The good news is evidence all around us that not only are we as a global culture commited to Arnold Toynbee's vision, but we are actually pushing beyond the human race in our consideration to imagine the welfare of all life on earth as practical objective. In the words of John Cage "the world is getting better, s-l-o-w-l-y.""

in: Massive Change - Bruce Mau and the Institute without Boundaries

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